Monday, September 7, 2009

Our 30th Anniversary - Epilogue

Well, if you have browsed the prologue and all ten chapters, you are either devoted readers or lacking other worthwhile activities. Either way, congratulations for making it this far. And this, being the epilogue, means this little blog-series about our 30th anniversary is coming to a close. The story thus far has been about the trip we took in celebration of this important occasion. Now a few words about our marriage.

How, in this era of fractured families, broken marriages, and "me first" cultural norms, have we been able to honor our vows for 30 years? What would we tell newlyweds if they asked? It may not be possible to list all the factors. Although we look at the 30 years as a flowing stream of blessings from God, Lord knows that mixed in with all the good we have had our ups and downs, our spats, disagreements, and misunderstandings.

But here are a few thoughts...

We have had great role models in our parents.

We have had good examples of marriage in friends along the way.

We have learned not to keep score.

We have learned to make each other a priority.

We have learned, with a growing family, to make family something special.

We have prayed to remove self centeredness.

We have tried to embody the tenets of marriage that the Bible offers.

We truly love each other, and like spending time together.

We love to laugh together.
We pray together, and for each other.

We see each other as works of God's creation in a growing process, not to expect perfection.

We have learned to say "I am sorry" and ask for His patience.

The list could go on, but here is the most important piece. All of that comes because we recognize that it was God's plan to bring us together, and the more we seek to live out His will the more we see His blessing on our marriage. We take seriously our vows and the Word of God that says "they shall become one". When we try to do things our way, we are like two people wandering through the forest. When we include God in our life and our decision, we feel His peace and love which pours out to each other.

In short, when we are a marriage of two, we are two. Only when we are a marriage of three, can we be one .... in Him.

We praise God for making a marriage in His image, one that is still in development. We are thankful to all you who have been in our lives, who have supported, cheered and blessed us in your own way. And we are thankful for each other.

May God find ways to allow our marriage to be an example to others, for His Glory.

Blessings to you all ...

Love, Dan and Barb

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