Monday, September 7, 2009

Our 30th Anniversary - Chapter 10: The Great Gift

We received many calls, card, gifts, and other well-wishes from friends and family. Each was greatly appreciated. If you were one of those and are reading this now, we thank you for all expressions of love and congratulations.

As special as all those were, we received one that was very special to us above all the others. It was a beautiful picture montage of our kids, from our kids.

We were so touched when we opened the box that held this gift. Our kids are precious to us beyond all else and we were so happy to get this. It is now prominently displayed in our family room so we can look at it often and help bridge the miles that separate us for now.

Bless you, Matt, Callie, Nate, Shell, and Kacie!

Next up - The Epilogue.

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Anonymous said...

Im so pleased that you like it :) I am glad that a piece of us can be with you at your home away from home.xo --Kacie Lynn