Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another 30th Anniversary

Hi, Dan here. Another significant 30th anniversary just rolled around. Unlike our 30th wedding anniversary, this one will not take 10-plus posts to chronicle...just this one. I just hit my 30 year mark with Boeing. Just like with our marriage, it is hard to believe that much time has passed. My vice president from Seattle, Steve Atkins, was in town last week and took Barb and I to lunch to celebrate. It was a very nice lunch and I appreciated it very much. Here is Barb and I holding the service award certificate right after I received it from Steve.

When I accepted the offer from Boeing right out of college, I fully planned to work at Boeing for three years and then Barb and I would move to Wisconsin. Well, a funny thing happened along the way - I found working at Boeing to be far too interesting, challenging, and fulfilling than I ever expected. So I stayed. It has been a great ride so far.

Some people have asked me how I could stay at one job for so long. The truth is, I have had many jobs. I counted recently that I have had about ten different jobs, so I held to my three year goal ten times over!

Of course, I can't tell this story without acknowledging that God had something to do with it. Once Barb and I gave our lives over to Jesus in the early 1980's, he helped us to make roots in the Northwest and to begin serving Him in ministry there. The desire to live in Wisconsin dimmed as He used us in the Seattle area.

I am very thankful that He has provided a great job for me that has allowed me to provided for my family and be stable enough to serve Him. I am thankful for all the many people that have made my career at Boeing richer. I am thankful for my wife that she was willing to come along for this ride when I plucked her from her life and family in Crystal Lake and dragged her to Seattle.

I am sorry for the distance this move put between us and the rest of our family, but it has been very much in His will and we are all the better for it.


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