Friday, September 4, 2009

Our 30th Anniversary - Chapter 6: Notable Landmarks

This chapter is more pictures than words. It is a collection of other notable landmarks in New York City, many you will all recognize.

Carnegie Hall, where Kacie and her high school choir sang in her senior year. We wanted to see a concert, but it was closed for the month of August. : - (

A row of condos along Central Park. The tall one further
down the street was featured in the movie "Ghostbusters".

The Natural History Museum, star of the movie
"Night At The Museum 2" starring Ben Stiller.

St John's Cathedral.

The Apollo Theater in Harlem.

The Museum of Modern Art (l). Manhattan Post Office (r).

Madison Square Gardens.

Macy's. One full square city block, nine stories.

Nothing famous - just a cool picture of a church cross
reflecting off the glass of an office building.

The entry to Saks Fifth Avenues, where we
found Prada purses for only $1,000.

St Patrick's Cathedral.

Last but not least, the famous Plaza Hotel.

Hope you recognized some of them. It was fun to see these famous sights in person.

Next up - The World Trade Center.

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CallinaP said...

Hope you picked up one of those cheap Prada purses for me! What a deal!