Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clear River Outreach - Community Yard Sale

A while back we told you about the new church we found - Clear River Community Church right here in Centreville. (To recount the story, click HERE.) As we get more involved, we see more and more how deeply the people of Clear River love the Lord. We are being blessed by the growing friendships and fellowship we find there. Another part of what we love about Clear River is that they have such a heart to serve the people of the community, people whose circumstances are challenging and difficult ... to meet the very tangible needs of these people. Here is one example.

Near the church is London Towne elementary school. The neighborhoods surrounding London Towne are filled with just such people, many of them immigrants struggling to get by. Every June, Clear River holds a yard "sale" for these people. Except it really isn't a sale - everything is free. This year, on a Saturday in June, we took over the parking lot of the school. People of Clear River brought items from their own homes and set up tables. A couple of nights ahead of time, fliers were distributed around the neighborhoods announcing the free yard "sale". And when people showed up, we gave them six tickets that could be redeemed for six items at any of the tables.

We had a large turnout - people came, perused, and found items they could use. All it took was a ticket in exchange.

We were blessed to be a part of this community outreach.

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