Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our 30th Anniversary - Chapter 2: Times Square

Our hotel was on 7th Avenue, one block from Broadway and Times Square. Now, we had heard about Times Square and seen it on TV (who hasn't seen the famous crystal ball drop on New Years Eve?), and even heard about it from Kacie, who had been there a few years ago (she came with the school choir her senior year to sing at Carnegie Hall, but that's another story). But none of that could really prepare us for what it was really like. As Barb describes it, it was "WOW!". It was just an over-amped, over-stimulating, over-crowded, once in a life time experience.

(L) The huge 3-story M&M's Store; (C) Barb in Times Square; (R) Dan in Times Square.

More Times Square

And more Times Square, with the statue of George M. Cohan (:Give My Regards to Broadway") (top L)

Radio City Music Hall, just a few blocks away (L), the M&M Store at night (R).

Times Square at night

And the famous Times Square New Years Eve ball at the top (look closely!)

Well, just like I told you, pictures just can't explain it. One night we came out of a Broadway show and at 11 PM the place was wall-to-wall people, restaurants were brim full, and the place was incredibly alive with activity. Of course, it was about bedtime for us .... we aren't really cut out for the night life! To work our way through the crowds of people was like salmon swimming upstream. We were tempted to get up a 3 or 4 AM to go back and see if the crowds were still there, but ..... ah well, best intentions!

Coming up next: Central Park.

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