Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Christmas Party

Who hasn't seen the movie "White Christmas", with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney? 

It is a classic!  For many years as we raised our kids, our family has gathered together in December with other family and friends to watch "White Christmas" while sipping cider and snacking on treats.  All those memorable songs come bursting forth in my mind  ..... "Counting My Blessings", "Snow", and OF COURSE "White Christmas"!  And, as the years went by, how much fun we had counting, not our blessings, but the editing errors in the movie!

We wanted to share this tradition with our home group this year, and when Barb brought it up everybody was onboard in a flash.  Destination: Zuspan's, on Monday before Christmas.  Everybody brought finger foods or cookies for snacking, and we provided the warm cider (and wine, if you must know!) and enjoyed the evening.  After some fellowship time, we played a Christmas song game and then on with the main feature.

Let the grazing begin!

From left, Bob Calvillo, David Trujillo, Barb, and Kerry Kraft.

From left, Elizabeth Kraft, Tracy Darling, Paul and Nathan Kraft.

Ruminating over the Christmas Song game are: Steve Becker, Kevin Vandemark, Stephen and Tracy Darling, Ellen Becker.

Also deep in thought are: Carol Trujillo, Nammi, Bianca Vandemark, and Kerry Kraft. Nathan Kraft and Anna Darling mug for the camera when they should have been concentrating on the game!  (Sorry Nathan, this was our only picture of Anna - that's what you get when you make faces at the photographer!)

It was a fun night.

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