Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas 2010 in Seattle

Well, yes, we are well-behind in posting our Christmas story.  For those of you who have asked, so sorry.

We were able to be in Seattle again this year for Christmas to celebrate with our family there.  We were also very happy that Mom T came to Seattle for Christmas this year, too.   Here are just a few of the MANY pics that were taken....

Christmas eve day we had brunch,including Bruce, Jo, and Mom.  Matt was working.  Later opened presents amongst ourselves ...

Nate tries on the outerwear from his Christmas Moose (r) which doesn't fit too well.

Callie posing with some of her gifts.

Christmas eve we had a little get-together at Bruce & Jo's, and then again Christmas day. 

Mom is thoroughly enjoying our time together, as are we!

The kids enjoy a laugh about one of the gifts.

Callie and Bruce having fun with an elf.

Mom opens her first "flower arrangement of the month" which will keep coming to her every month this year.

Kacie and Carlos dressed for Christmas eve services.

Bruce and Jo enjoy a lighter moment.

Merry Christmas.

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