Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

If one asked me (Dan) about a typical day in the life of a Boeing Government Affairs manager, this wouldn't necessarily be it.  But it's not bad ....

The National Aero Club of Washington holds a luncheon once a month, and always has a guest speaker.  Depending on the notoriety of the speaker, I may attend. In January, the guest speaker was Secretary of Transportation, Ray Lahood.  Boeing bought a table for the event, so we were right up in front of the dais.  Several of us arrived early and were standing by our table when in walked the Secretary, accompanied by the FAA Administrator, Randy Babbitt.  They came right over to our table and started talking.  One of the very few things Secretary Lahood and I have in common is that we are both grads of Bradley University.  So I mentioned that to the Secretary and we had a nice chat for several minutes.  It was a little surreal because I had just seen him on TV at the President's State of the Union address the night before. 

They were both very generous with their time, and a co-worker offered to take our picture together.  Here it is:

Randy Babbitt on the left, Ray Lahood on the right.

It was a nice opportunity to meet and hear some of the thoughts of a man who works for the president of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Rubbing shoulders with some pretty high level folks! You and Ray Lahood, Barb and Paul McCartney! WOW!!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting happening! Also a good picture of all three. Were you all in about the same class? By chance you didn't graduate at the same time?

Speaks well for Bradley!