Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kennedy Center Awards 2010

For the third year in a row, we have been fortunate enough to attend the kick-off luncheon for the Kennedy Center Honors.  Because Boeing is the exclusive underwriter for the Gala luncheon and supper on Saturday, our office was given two tables at the luncheon on Saturday December 4, so we attended again this year.

The honorees this year included Oprah Winfrey, Merle Haggard, and Sir Paul McCartney, as well as a couple of other people who we really didn't know about.  Unfortunately, Mr. Haggard couldn't be there but the other four honorees were.  We also saw a number of other notable people, including Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Lee, Barbara Walters, and Diana Ross. 

We had a fun time at the luncheon and were able to take a few pictures.  As usual, most of the honorees and celebrities made a fairly quick exit.  We had to be quick to get a photo of them.

Diana Ross looks on during the luncheon presentation.

Oprah's long-time beau, Graham Stedman also watches as Oprah is introduced.  (Or is it Attorney General Eric Holder - they look a lot alike!)

Barb (in background) looks on with a smile as Dan gets a picture of Barbara Walters after the luncheon is over.  We are told the younger man in the foreground is Paul McCartney's son.

Sir Paul McCartney. 
Just behind him in the red is Speaker Pelosi. 
Front left is another honoree, Jerry Herman, who wrote the major Broadway shows "Hello Dolly", "Mame", and others.

Unlike any other honorees we've seen in our three years, Paul McCartney did not beat a hasty retreat - he remained in the dining room for a while and them moved into the foyer where there was more room for people to gather and meet him.  He seemed very gracious to all the "regular" people as they greeted him and got a picture taken. 

We tried to get in for a picture, but there were a lot of people trying to the same.  Several times we got close, but then he would turn to somebody on the other side and we lost our position.  As he started to make his way out, Barb and I got into position at the exit door.  Just as he was turning to leave, we got his attention and Barb got in for a picture.

As you can see we got a great picture.  We really aren't celebrity-groupies or idol worshippers, but it was a fun moment to meet (ever-so-briefly) somebody like this.  When we got home, Barb uploaded this photo to Facebook and had about 20 responses within an hour, including our Pastor who even wove it into his sermon the next day!  (Barb was pretty embarrassed about that.)

As I said at the start of this blog, this is our third year attending the luncheon, and we have had a good time at each.  (See also "Lunch with our new friends" (2008) "Kennedy Center Award Luncheon 2009" for our prior reports.)  This may have been our last chance to attend, depending on when Boeing moves us back to Seattle, so we wanted to make the most of it.

And we did!

Until the next post, God Bless! 

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Why does she look happier with Paul than with Dan?