Saturday, December 25, 2010

Facebook Is Becoming A Problem

Yes, I said it .... Facebook is becoming a problem ..... for our blog.  It has become so easy to upload photos to Facebook that Barb can, and usually does, upload photos from an outing or event the same day.  Blogging takes a little more thought and effort, to make a blog page the least bit interesting.

Take for example Barb's picture with Paul McCartney.  Those of you on FB saw it within hours, while our Blogger readers haven't seen it yet.  Or mobile uploads .... I can take a picture on my Blackberry and have it on FB in minutes.  Once these have been shared in the cyber world it is a little hard to apply the effort to get it on the blog.

However, we are committed to keeping our blog as current as possible a) for our non-FB friends (and yes, there are a few) and b) as a diary of our adventures in DC.  So stay tuned, while we have a little quiet time during the Christmas break, we will try to get caught up.

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