Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas

OK, the title gave it away.  We spent Thanksgiving in Texas with Dan's family.  All 19 of us were together on Thanksgiving Day as our kids and spouses made it to Texas, too.  We had a wonderful time together.

The king of the carvery, Dad prepares the turkey.

It used to be an adults table (those were the good old days), but they are all mixed together now!  Clockwise from the left: Babette, Jeff, Dad, Nate, Barb, Michelle, Cindy, Mom.  Not pictured: Dan.

And, at what used to be the kids table, clockwise from the left: Matt, Callie, Kara, Ann, Todd, Nic, Connor, Kyle, Jeffrey.  Not pictured: Kacie.

The cousins patiently pose for a pic together as the paparazzi snap photos.

Later on, the cousins pose with Grandma and Grandpa outside by Grandma's candy canes.

The brothers hold court.

The Matriarch relaxes.

And we end the day together with games, games, games, including this rousing round of multi-handed solitaire. 

We had a wonderful time together that day and through the weekend.  On Friday we had a formal portrait taken:

On Friday night we had a special dinner, but will save that for another blog.  On Saturday we played the second bi-annual indoor black light golf tournament at Shankz.  Here we are afterwards:

We followed that up with dinner and games at Todd & Ann's Saturday night, our last full gathering before people had to start heading home on Sunday.

Thanksgiving - a time to give God thanks and praise for all His immeasurable gifts in our life.  Our family, one by one and all together, is a great blessing.  We are thankful for each other and the joy we share when we are together.  

Thank you, Lord!  


Nathan & Michelle said...

So, did anybody notice Matt's maternity pose? -Shell

Anonymous said...

"AMEN" to Thank you, Lord, for our wonderful family & the time we had together! Mom

Anonymous said...

love the pictures, mom. good job on this update :) what a blessed time we had all together! Kacie