Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello, faithful readers. Do you know why this post is titled "100"? It is because this is our 100th blog post! That includes, of course, blog #1 entitled "A new life chapter ... a new blog page",which was really written by our kids to kick off our blogging adventure. It is hard to believe that we have been here in Virginia for over fourteen months. And to think of all the adventures we have had, enough to fill 98 more blogs, is almost mind-blowing! And now, this, our 100th.

God set us off on this adventure, for reasons that we may never fully understand. We have been blessed many times over already, by sharing adventures together, by sharing our adventure with others who have come to visit, and by finding some of the most encouraging and inspiring fellow Christians at Clear River Church. We look forward to all He has to offer us while we are still here, all the while eagerly anticipating our someday return to the Northwest.

Of the 98 blogs, it would be hard to pick the "top ten" list, but we each picked a few to share:

"Back to the beginning of the story" tells the story of how we were led to be here.

"Autumn in Arlington" expresses the beauty of the fall here cast against the solemn setting of Arlington Cemetery. "Autumn in DC" shows the beauty of fall here cast against the regal monuments in DC.

"Honor Flight" tells of our emotional encounter with WWII veterans.
"Cherry Blossoms" show the beauty of DC in the spring.

"When the kids came" was a celebration of our time with our kids here in DC.

"Our 30th Anniversary - Prologue", and all the subsequent chapters, tells of how we celebrated our 30th anniversary in New York City.

"Graves Mountain Lodge" introduces you to our new found brothers and sisters in Christ here in Centreville.

What are your favorites? Please leave a comment and let us know.

We know not what the next days, weeks, months, and maybe years will bring to us, but we have chosen to live this time as a wonderful adventure. And you know what we have learned from this? That we should ALWAYS live life as a wonderful adventure, an adventure that God in His Wisdom lays out before us for the taking.

And now, faithful followers, we come to the exciting announcement that was promised in our last blog post. Here it is - in celebration of our century blog, and your faithful "followship", we want to thank you by awarding a commemorative gift. Be one of the first five people to leave a comment and we will ship this commemorative gift to you. One per household and other fine print restrictions apply.

{Revision 1 - due to the overwhelming response (5 comments on the first day) we will extend a "second place" prize to anyone else who leaves a comments. DZ 11/20/09}

Love from our house to yours,

Dan and Barb


Sarah Taylor said...

CHERRY BLOSSOMS! Cherry Blossoms was my FAVORITE post. Callie told me about it and said "you must see the trees on my parents blog" and I was like "yeah, yeah, ok..." and THEN I was blown away because they are my favorite tree and I feel like you revealed a secret I'd never known: Cherry Blossoms in DC.

And I'm so excited to win something! The first Zuspan giveaway! Send it now, Dan and Barb, send my gift right now!

CallinaP said...

My favorite is the "Beginning of the Story..." because your story constantly reminds me of God's faithfulness in the details and how He so wonderfully opened every door for this chapter in your life!

I'm so proud of you for your faithful blogging -- its been such a fun way to see all you are doing and document it for years to come!

Matthew said...

When the kids came to visit. but I have to say you left out a very important piece of knowledge gained while your kids were there. It was the skill of Power Purusing in museums. But overall I thought it was an open, honest and insightful post. You may be inline for a blogger of the year award. I will contact the CBA (Committee of Blog awards)

Anonymous said...

How am I ever supposed to pick? I have a LOT of favorites for various different reasons.. but honestly, my favorite was "Our 30th Anniversary." It was really great for me, as your child, to read a little into your personal relationship that god has blessed you both with. I printed out the things you said about how to make a relationship work because it moved my heart in so many ways. I loved hearing that, and I love that you two are such a shining example of what a married couple should be under God. Thank you for being the best parents I could ever ask for.
Love, Kacie Lynn (S.P)

Nathan & Michelle said...

"When the kids came" was the best. We especially liked the picture with all the butts in the window :) And of course, we liked it because it reminds us of when we were there! Congrats on your 100th post, we hope you're home before 200!

Stinson 9598K Restoration said...

Wow, looks like I missed both deadlines! Oh well, we enjoy keeping tabs on you guys, and that is the real prize!

Lisa Jones said...

I'm reading . . . keep writing! Miss you two!!!

Anonymous said...

Me, me, me! I want a commemorative gift! Am I one of the first five?

I enjoyed reading this blog, and it was so well written. Hard indeed to believe you have been there for 14 months, and even harder to believe that you have written 99 blog posts! You have been busy! I am glad you have put me on the e-mail posting list!

Just wanted to say again what a wonderful time I had with you both. I enjoyed it all! You are wonderful hosts AND tour guides!

Much love,


Stinson 9598K Restoration said...

Your gift is on the fridge so that we think of you every time we open the door (which for me is often!). Thanks! Randy

Robin said...

This blog is gift enough. It is so fun to be living vicariously through my adventurous friends on the other side of our great nation! Kev and I talked of you and your adventures tonight on our little walk around Lynnwood Golf Course. Keep bloggin your great adventures! I expect you to reach 200+