Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our 30th Anniversary - Prologue

August 18 was our 30th anniversary. (Yes, we know, we don't look that old - thank you very much!) To celebrate, Dan planned a surprise trip to New York City. Barb knew that we were going somewhere, but didn't know exactly where until an hour before we were to leave. We had a wonderful time. Since this was the first trip to NYC for both of us, we were quite amazed and impressed with all the city had to offer. We took a lot of pictures. In fact, so many that we have decided to share them in groupings over a series of blog posts .... hence the title of this is "prologue". Many pics will be of very familiar sights. For some of you who have been to New York before, these scenes will be old hat. But in the upcoming blog posts we hope to convey a bit of the excitement of discovery that we felt during our time there.

As for our 30 years of marriage, it has gone by so quickly. We have been so blessed through our lives by the God of all creation. We have always wanted our marriage to be a testament to His Goodness and Grace, an example before God to others so they may know Him, too. Through Him we have been blessed to have a love that still grows for each other and our lives have been blessed by three wonderful children and their two wonderful mates.

All praise to Him who is the giver of all good gifts.

Dan and Barb

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