Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Vision / Casting Crowns

Last night we volunteered at a Casting Crowns Concert near Woodbridge, Virgina. For those of you who are not familiar with them, Casting Crowns is a Christian musical group that has been making beautiful songs of worship and encouragement for about six years. (To learn more, click HERE.) On tour, Casting Crowns partners with World Vision, a Christian ministry that support children in many poor regions of the world. (To learn more, click HERE.) We have sponsored children through World Vision for many years.

We received an email from World Vision looking for volunteers to help out at the concert last night, and quickly agreed. Just prior to intermission , the lead singer for Casting Crowns gave a testimony to the importance of World Vision sponsorship and invited all the audience to consider doing so. Our job was to be available in the auditorium with sponsorship packages and information for people who wanted to sign up. We looked pretty cool in our orange World Vision aprons:

After intermission we were allowed to watch the second half of the concert. Callie told us we would be surprised how many songs we would recognize, and she was right. One after another, they sang great songs from their repertoire.

We had a wonderful evening, counted it a blessing to help World Vision, and were completely blessed by the music of Casting Crowns.

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Why aprons???