Thursday, November 5, 2009

My First Political Protest .... Ever

We have been in Virginia and blogging about our adventures for fourteen months now, and so far we have not blogged political ... until today. (Unless you consider the account of our Inauguration adventure to be political.) Today, you may have heard, was a rally at the foot of the Capitol to express displeasure with the proposed House health care legislation. I don't intend to opine political here - I would be glad to have the conversation with you, though - let's just say that while I agree with the need to improve health care, I STRONGLY disagree with the way the House wants to go about it.

About a week ago, House conservatives called for a rally at the foot of the Capitol at noon today to protest the bill (just a day or two before the vote would take place). So I slipped away from work for a while and Metro'd over to the Capitol to show support for the cause. This is actually the first DC political protest that I have ever gone to. I have seen them on TV, but now I have been to one.

For a rally that was called on short notice, it was really well attended. Because of the crowd I couldn't really get close enough to see the speakers, but the crowd was pretty well-behaved. After the rally they lined up at the House office buildings to walk the halls and talk to the Representatives. The lines were too long and I had to get back to work.

Well, for a guy who grew up in an era of protests (remember Viet Nam?) it's about time that I protested something!

Just another DC adventure!


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