Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veterans Day

Dan's sister Cindy arrived for a visit Tuesday, the evening before Veterans Day. We promised that she would enjoy more meaning in Veterans Day in DC than in anywhere else she has been. We certainly have more reason to thank our veterans now than at any other time.

On Wednesday we headed out for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery, where a special ceremony would take place at 11 AM. We knew that this usually included some high-level dignitary for Wa DC, but hadn't given much more thought to it than that. However, on the way there we heard on the radio that the president would be doing the honors of placing the wreath.

The weather was wet and cold but we didn't let that dampen our spirits, and the ceremony was very moving.

Cindy and Barb waiting for the ceremony to begin. You can see we are right up front!

Dress units from all five services align the steps behind the tomb (l). The Army band was there, as well (r).

The color guard lines the approach to the tomb.

The Vice President and his wife arrive (l), followed by the First Lady (r).

The President arrives and takes his place.

The President placed the wreath, the military was at full attention, and "Taps" was played.

The President moves toward the amphitheater where he later gave a short speech honoring veterans and active military.

The color guard and Sgt of the guard.

The sentry resumes his watch. The guard unit from nearby Fort Myer stand watch 24-7-365.

Dan and Cindy keeping dry until the Secret Service allows the crowd to disperse.

Thank you, veterans, one in all for your sacrifice of service to allow the rest of us to live in freedom and liberty.

Hello, faithful readers. Our next post will have an exciting announcement. Please be sure to check in and find out what it is!!


CallinaP said...

Ooooh, an announcement?! I WILL stay tuned! :)

Robin said...

I was so moved when I visited the Unknown Soldier Tomb and how reverently it is guarded 24/7.