Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More of Kacie's visit: March 2011

Our next adventure with Kacie was to go to Mount Vernon. We had a gorgeous day, though a little cool.

As you walk into the Visitor's Center there is General  George, Martha, and the 2 kids to greet you!

This is an interactive model of Mount Vernon so you can see how it was set up during George's lifetime. You can't take photos inside the mansion, so this is the closest to getting pictures as we could get!

 In front of the Mansion & the "Bowling Green"
We decided to do the "audio" tour this time which we had never done before. Very interesting!

 Mount Vernon has recently refurbishe the slave quarters. The men & then the women & children lived in different quarters.

These are some of the artifacts the archeologists have found where the slave quarters are located.

This time we got to see volunteers dressed up and acting out parts: The gentleman was playing Dr. James Craik who was the Dr. in attendance when General Washington died; and the woman was Martha Washington. Both did very believable portrayals of their characters!

 They have lots of livestock on the grounds, and we got to see some of the lambs. Aren't they cute??

 It was another very full day, and Kacie really enjoyed seeing where the "Father of our Country" lived!!

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