Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last big day with Kacie!

Our last day with Kacie here was another one that was packed with sights.  She wanted to see all she could while here and we were glad to oblige.  We started off in catching the Metro in Rosslyn, which Kacie thought was pretty interesting because it has the third longest continuous escalator in the world!

Hanging out waiting for the Metro (l) and checking the map for directions (r).

The third longest continuous escalator in the world. 

Our first stop was at the Library of Congress - Jefferson Building.  It is a beautiful building which originally opened in 1897.

View of the Capitol from the Library of Congress.

Kacie and Dan pose at the Library of Congress with
the Capitol Bldg in the background.

From there we caught the Metro back a few stops and went to the US Holocaust Museum.  This is one of the main places Kacie wanted to see while she was here.  It is an incredible place but very sobering, and very somber.  Unfortunately for you we can not show pictures from inside because photography was not allowed.  But we spent at least a couple of hours there because they had so much to see.

The sign on the front of the building.

From there we went to the Gallery/Chinatown area, which has a busy pace and energy level which Kacie likes in a city.  We looked around the area a little bit and then found an Irish pub right across the street, so we went there for dinner.

Lifting a pint o'Guiness at Barnaby's.  An Irish
Pub in Chinatown ... how funny!

We had a wonderful time .... it was SO good to have Kacie here with us for a week.  We enjoyed showing her the sights and seeing them again through her eyes.  But best of all was just having all that precious time with our baby girl!!


Anonymous said...

You really did pack in alot while Kacie was there; an Irish pub in Chinatown is hilarious! We have a holocaust museum here & I went certainly is very sombering.


CallinaP said...

I love that you visited an Irish Pub in Chinatown. Way to take in the culture ;)