Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shultz-Thompson Reunion: Wed.-Fri.June30th-July2nd

The July 4th weekend found us in Lander, WY. at my brother Paul and wife Donna's beautiful ranch for a cousin reunion which was a long time coming. You see, my dad was an only child, and my mom only had one sibling, so I only have 3 cousins. We spent alot of time together growing up as they lived in Barrington, IL. just 20 min. from us and Mom & Uncle Paul's parents, Grandpa & Granny Shultz lived about 1/2 way in between in Cary right on the Fox River. But, as everyone grew up, got married, and moved to different parts of the country, we had not had a chance to spend any quality time together in years! So... Paul & Donna wanted to have a reunion at their place before too much more time passed by.

And what a wonderful location it was!!!

We all took different paths to get there, but by Wed. evening all of the Thompson siblings & spouses were together once again.

Here are the 4 of us: Bruce, Barb, Donna, & Paul

Thurs. was spent working together to finish getting things ready for the weekend, and we celebrated with home-made pizzas!! YUM!!!

Fri. morning, we all went out to the Lander Golf Course, and Dan & I had the surprise of our lives!! Matt & Callie surprised us showing up for the weekend!! I cried & cried!!!

Matt took to this golfing things REAL well, and we had a wonderful morning (even though the guys kept trying to tell us gals that the golf course was NOT for visiting!! It's for playing golf!!!)

By Fri. evening, ALMOST everyone was there. Lauren & Lynne(from Mayville, WI.), Steve & Cindy (from LaCrosse, WI.) Paul & Donna's daughter, Jenny(from Waukesha, WI) & Paul & Donna's son, Justin & wife Renne (from Billings, MT.). The party begins!!!

Visiting, spending time with the horses, well into the evening:)

It was only the beginning!!!

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