Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shultz-Thompson reunion; Sat. July 3rd

Sat. dawned bright and sunny. We had everyone there except for cousin Peggy and her husband, Doug, who were driving in from Salt Lake City, but we were going to meet up with them on our trek through the Wyoming countryside to show our Shultz family some of our favorite places outside of Lander. So, we headed out.

Our first stop was Red Canyon, 24 miles south of Lander. Always one of our favorite photo ops. we just had to stop!

Our next stop was in an old mining town, South Pass City. It was a booming city of 4,000 people back in the 1800's, but is now pretty much a ghost town. It has been reconstructed to look like it did in it's heyday and has some great old buildings & artifacts.
I loved this sign as we entered South Pass :)

Here is a photo of the main street, an old kitchen, and some old mining equipment.

This is a great photo of my cousins; Peggy, Lynne, & Steve

You just never know who you will run into! This is a friend of Mom & Dad's from Lander who they have known since they lived there 54 years ago!! Clydene Allen:) We just "happened" to be in South Pass at the same time! Great catching up!

The younger cousins; Justin, Renee, Jenny, Callie & Matt

Another favorite spot ,is Louis Lake which is in the Wind River Range. The Thompson's have been going up there to camp, fish, and picnic for years. So of course, we stopped there for our picnic lunch and to enjoy the sun and share some memories.

It's a beautiful lake!!

The last stop on our tour was Sinks Canyon. This is an amazing mystery of God's creation. The water from the Popo Agie River rushes into this hole in the canyon wall and disappears (the Sinks). It then comes up 1/2 mile down the road into a big trout pond (the Rise). Geologists have said it takes 2 hours for the water to go that 1/2 mile, but the crevices and tunnels are so narrow under the ground they haven't been able to follow it completely to see what route the water takes!

After getting back to Paul & Donna's we spent more time visiting and enjoying the setting.

We also celebrated Bruce & Joellen's 22nd anniv.!

And of course we had to end the day in front of a fire and watching the beautiful Wyoming sunset!

Next, a typical Lander 4th of July celebration!!

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