Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Siblings in Town

O for joy when family reunites. We were blessed when Paul & Donna, and Chuck & Donna all came to see us in early May. What a joy to all be together, and for the first time since Justin and Renee's wedding in Lander in Sept, 2006. We spent several days seeing all the sights that topped their "to-see" list. It is fun seeing DC through the eyes of those who come to visit. And with each visitor, we see something new as well. And did we have FUN!! Oh how we laugh when we are all together. You will probably recognize some of the backgrounds in these pics, but enjoy them anyway.

At the Capitol Building

At the Smithsonian Museums

Guess Where?

At the Library of Congress

At the National Botanical Garden

Thanks for coming, P, D, C, D! Hope to see you again soon!

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Lisa said...

How fun! BTW, everyone looks just as I remember them ... You all look great!!