Thursday, May 14, 2009

NUTS !!!

Nuts. Didn't even see this one coming!

I am sure you all have been to a museum or antique shop and had the experience of seeing something familiar from your past. I can remember seeing items on display that would strike a chord with me ..... "oh my gosh, I remember that my grandmother had one of those applesauce grinders" , or "I remember my sister had one of those lunch boxes", or "my Mom had a ......". Those of you who are our age, you know what I am talking about? The mere sight of something familiar, but perhaps long ago forgotten brings a smile to your face as a wave of nostalgia sweeps over you.

But this time, WHAM! The wave was really a slap upside the head. Oh, it really shouldn't have been a big deal. I mean, it was just Tupperware kitchen canisters .... UGLY orange Tupperware canisters. See if you agree:

But this particular orange Tupperware was in the Julia Childs exhibit at the Smithsonian American History Museum. What made this Tupperware a unique experience is that Barb and I owned a set of our own at one time during our married life. Of course, it was when orange was cool, but still, we are now at that age where we are starting to see things WE owned, not Mom, not Grandma, but we as adults owned ..... in a museum.



CallinaP said...

I am literally laughing outloud right now. This might be the best post so far -- hilarious. Now when the NEON tupperware collection hits the museum, I'm in biiiigggg trouble. Especially the PINK one, and you know what I'm talk'n about. :)

Tara Severson said...

What a fun story. I can always use a good laugh and smile. Thanks!!

Lisa said...

hahaha... I STILL have the tall ORANGE one in my pantry!!! Orange rocks!

Robin said...

I've got the "Dusty Blue" ones holding flour, sugar, etc. in my pantry right now. I'm going to write them into my will for Grandaughter Olivia. "Dearest Livi, here's your Granny's priceless heirlooms!" Ha ha ha