Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in Ohio (aka Matt and Laura and Amish Land)

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in a brand new way. We drove to Hiram, Ohio, to spend a few days with Matt, Laura, Claire, and Alyssa. We have never really been to Ohio before, except Dan once made a very short stay in Dayton while recruiting for Boeing. And, we have never been to Matt & Laura's, either. It is something we really wanted to do sometime during our residency on the east coast. It just turned out to be a good time for us to make the trip, and after inviting ourselves up, Matt and Laura graciously accepted our invitation!

We had a great time. Thanksgiving dinner was shared with Pete and Toni, friends of Matt & Laura. The rest of the time we shared with M&L and the girls. We enjoyed being with them very much.

Playing the Bibleland game in front of a cozy fire.

Claire (l) and Alyssa (r) are so cute, and growing so fast.

In nearby Middlefield, we found that the Amish community is prevalent and makes traffic and parking an interesting sight.

Matt, Laura, and the girls pose at the Middlefield Cheese Factory.

Dan and Matt did a little landscaping.

We had the privilege of a private tour through the world headquarters of Ambassadors In Sport (AIS). To learn more about AIS click HERE or go to http://www.aisint.org/ .

A few good poses with the girls outside AIS before we had to leave for home.....

.... and one good one altogether inside.

We had a great time with them. Thank you , Matt, Laura, Claire, and Alyssa for sharing your time, your Thanksgiving, and your colds!! We loved being with you!!

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