Monday, October 26, 2009


What is WIHS? It is the Washington International Horse Show. Just like last week with the Redskins game, we were the lucky winners of tickets given away by Boeing Wa DC. Boeing was a sponsor of the show and held an employee drawing last week for the Grand Finale of the event on Saturday evening. We really aren't equestrian enthusiasts, but Barb loves horses so we decided to put our name into the drawing and WON! We counted this as another adventure.

The event was held at the Verizon Center in the heart of DC, the place where the Washington Wizards (NBA) and Capitals (NHL) both play. The Verizon Center is right around the corner from Chinatown so we went early to have dinner at the renown Tony Cheng's Chinese Restaurant.

We had pretty good seats - second row center, with a great view of the action.

All the horses in the final event were beautiful, powerful animals. They had a course of about 15 jumps that had to be completed in 77 seconds, hopefully without knocking down any of the rails.

We were so close we could hear the horses grunt as they leaped over the rails.

(No, this one isn't eating the flowers - it is jumping!)

All that was great, but the most entertaining moment was actually canine, not equine. In between events, the held Terrier races - Jack Russell Terriers chasing after a fake rabbit. Have a look at the video clips below and tell us you didn't laugh:

Like I said another DC Adventure!

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