Sunday, October 11, 2009

Travel to Europe

The third week of September, Dan had to travel to Europe on business, with stops in both Cologne, Germany and Brussels, Belgium. Let it be said that there was disagreement in this household as to whether the European trip is a "Washington Adventure" and whether or not it should be posted on this blog. As you can see, the trip has been added, because it was a part of his Washington, DC job assignment.

Dan has been in Cologne before, but never Brussels. In Cologne he had meetings with the European Aviation Safety Agency, and in Brussels he met with people in the FAA Brussels office and with people in the Brussels Boeing office.

Here are a few pictures from Cologne:

The view across the Rhine River

Rhine River water front, with Old Cologne (left) and a view of the Hyatt Hotel (right), with the EASA tower behind it.

The Old "Dom" Cathedral, which took over 600 years to build, by day (left) and by night (right).

And here are a few from Brussels:

The "Grand Place", the open plaza in the heart of old Brussels.

More of the "Grand Place", the open plaza in the heart of old Brussels. Dan ate dinner in the cafe on the left with a direct view of the town hall shown on the right.

View from the Palace area, through some gardens, back to the Grand Place, marked by the lit tower of the town hall.

Next time we HAVE to figure out how Barb goes, too!!

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