Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mariners vs the Orioles

This was my Mother's Day gift from my wonderful hubby!! He knows how much I love a good baseball game!! And what could be better than to go see our Mariners play at Camden Yards in Baltimore! It was a great night watching Ichiro and Griffey do their stuff, surviving the ribbing from the Oriole fans for wearing our Mariner gear, and they WON!!!!

We weren't sure if we were safe wearing our Mariner gear, but there turned out to be quite a few Mariner fans there!

How great to see Griffey once again wearing a Mariner uniform!!

Winning score 6-3!! Plaque on the warehouse wall for Griffey's home run from the home run derby in 1993! Awesome!!!
It was a great night and a Mother's Day gift I'll remember for a long time!! Thanks, sweetie!!


Erin and Brian said...

Hooray! We're going to see the M's play in Kansas City in August, and plan to sport our gear there - though I'll bet Midwestern fans are a bit more forgiving than those in Baltimore. We'll see. Fun pics!!!

Robin said...

You guys are so cute!