Sunday, June 7, 2009

Black Tie 3 - "Black Tie Optional - The Bradley Affair"

"Black Tie Optional" - That is what the invitation said. It was from the Bradley University Alumni Association, announcing a grand event in DC on June 6. As a Bradley Alum I was invited to a Black Tie dinner event at the NEWSEUM in DC to hear about the Bradley Renaissance Campaign, and I could bring a guest (guess who? My high school sweetheart, of course).

It was a fun event, on a beautiful evening, held in the seventh floor event room at the NEWSEUM, with a terrace overlooking the capitol building and much of downtown DC. Since black tie was optional, I went in a suit.

We heard about the great renovations that the Bradley campus will be undergoing. The guests of honor were three present and former congressman from Peoria who all graduated from Bradley. Bob Michel, a republican congressman from 1956 to 1994, was a 1948 Bradley grad. Ray Lahood, currently the Secretary of Transportation, was a republican congressman from 1994 to 2008, also a Bradley alum. Unfortunately, the Secretary was called away by the President and sent to Lebanon to observe the elections with Jimmy Carter. (Where are his priorities?) And Aaron Shock, 28, the current congressman, the first member of the House born in the 1980's, was a 2002 Bradley grad.

So Bradley grads have held the congressional seat representing the Peoria area for 52 years!

Anyway, it was a nice evening, fun to get an update on the university after all these years and meet others who shared the same experience.

Dan and Barb on the terrace of the NEWSEUM.

The dining room and table settings.

Go Braves!!

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