Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration - Chapter 3

Well, we did it! We made it into Washington, D.C. for the inauguration! What a day! We decided if we were going to try to beat most of the crowds, we should probably leave home fairly early. How early?? Well, we left home at 4:17 A.M.! We thought we would go to the closest Metro station to park and take the Metro in to the city, but when we came up to the exit, the line of cars were backed up on the highway at least 1 mile from the exit and they were at a standstill. So we went to plan B and drove to the Boeing building in Rosslyn, parked the car there, and took the Metro just 4 stops in to the city. That ended up working very well! We DID end up getting there at 5:45 A.M., but at least we beat most of the crowds. We spent the next 4 1/2 hours sitting in a coffee shop reading the paper, having our lattes, and people watching.
The crowds did come!! There were security points set up to get into the parade route and people started showing up we heard around 4:30 A.M. I thought WE were crazy!!! We at least were warm!!
We had been invited to the Air Transport Assoc. offices where they were holding an inauguration day reception. We showed up at about 10:45 A.M. and were on the 11th floor overlooking the parade route. We watched the presidential motorcade as they made their way from the White House to the Capitol building for the swearing in ceremony. We then watched the ceremony on a big screen T.V. After the ceremony, the helicopter that took Former President Bush and Mrs. Bush to Andrews Air Force Base, flew by our building. Then we had a delicious buffet lunch while we waited for the parade to start.

The streets were lined with police and the building we were in and one next to us had sharp shooters ready for any trouble.

We were then ready for the parade to start with binoculars in hand!

Before the new President drove by there were several military groups who went by.

And then it was time for President Obama and his family. We were excited when we saw on the T.V. that he had gotten out of the car to walk, but unfortunately he got back in before he got to us. He is in this car in the back right hand seat. Barb was able to see him through the binoculars waving through the window! His car was surrounded by Secret Servicemen.

Vice-President Biden and his family DID go by on foot. He even looked up and waved at us on the balcony!
By the time the President and Vice-President had gone by it was getting later then we thought so we decided to brave the crowds on the Metro to get back to the car. It was jam packed, but people were in a great mood.
All in all, the 3 days were an amazing experience and we are so glad we braved the crowds and the weather to take part in this time in history!!

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Tara Severson said...

Thank you for sharing. What a great experience.