Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas/New Years 2008

Christmas has come and gone, but boy did we have a wonderful one! It started out a little challenging with our flight being cancelled because of the snow in Seattle, but thankfully we were able to get in by Christmas Eve. We were especially thankful because we only had a short amount of time to spend with Nate and Michelle since they left Christmas night on a cruise! So, we all gathered together Christmas Eve night to celebrate and exchange gifts. We had a delicious Fondue dinner, one of our family favorites! Christmas day while Matt and Callie went to the Peterson's and Nate and Michelle went to the Hasten's, Dan and I went to Bruce and Joellen's to spend the day with them and all of Joellen's family. Kacie joined us mid-afternoon and the rest of the kids came for dessert. They showed up just in time to shovel Kacie's car out of the snow (Nate in his shorts all ready for the cruise!). The rest of our holiday consisted of spending time with Matt,Callie, Kacie, Bruce and Joellen; eating out, playing games, and seeing movies, and meeting Kacie's new roommate, Stevie. Barb was able to fit in a lunch with her co-workers from school, and we had a wonderful dinner with our former Bible Study group and we spent a relaxing dinner with Matt's parents, Mike and Bonnie. We weren't able to see everyone, but we expect to be back soon!


Tara Severson said...

So glad you could spend the Holidays with your family.

CallinaP said...

I love the slideshow! You are getting so tech-savvy :) Can't wait to see you again in just THREE weeks!!