Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Watch This Space!

Dear Faithful Readers,

We have enjoyed keeping a "diary" of sorts on our blog, sharing our experiences as we have explored the sights of the area. We tried to faithfully keep our blog up to date each week, and we have enjoyed the comments you have made in response, some by posting on our blog, others by email, letters, etc. But, alas, we have let you all down in the past few weeks .... December 6 was our last post. The past two weeks have been really busy - but WATCH THIS SPACE! We will be adding more posts and pics soon!

The week of December 8-13, Barb traveled to Illinois and spent the week with her Mom, who had just had knee replacement surgery. Mom T has been recuperating in a rehab center in Lake Zurich, near Crystal Lake. By day, Barb was with Mom. By night, Barb was staying in Mom's condo in CL. Barb came home on the 13th and Mom continued her rehab. The good news is that Mom will return to her home today (Tuesday 12/23), so will not have to spend Christmas in the rehab center!!

Once Barb returned, we had precious little time to do all our Christmas shopping and get packages shipped to all our family across the US (mission accomplished!), and then finish our Christmas cards and letters and get those mailed (again, mission accomplished!). It was also a very demanding week for Dan at work, requiring him to get home late several nights. That left us little time for sightseeing, or blogging, and we didn't think you would really enjoying seeing photos if us wrapping presents!

Today, we plan to head into DC to see some Christmas sights, so we hope to have another post with interesting Wa DC photos sometime soon, so again ... WATCH THIS SPACE!

If we are not in contact with you soon, we wish you all the best for Christmas and New Years!

Love to all, Barb and Dan

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