Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time for Indoor Sports

Brrrrr!! With November came colder weather, so it was time to stop sightseeing outside and make it an indoor sport! So on November 22nd we made our first visit to see the inside of a local site, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. We enjoyed it very much, but there was way too much to see in one day. Not to worry, though, because we know some of you are going to want to go there when you come to visit, so we'll get back there again. We have far too many photos, but here are a few of our favorites...

We have to start with the Wright Flyer - the actual machine that Orville and Wilbur flew at Kitty Hawk over 100 years ago.
And a collection of classic airplanes in the "America by Air" gallery.
On to the space gallery, we found the lunar lander:
Last but not least, the Gemini IV, the capsule flown in 1965 during which the first manned space walk took place. (How would you like to spend a week in this little can?)
Well, that's it for this post. Hope you can come out soon so we can show you the Smithsonian in person!
Coming soon to a Blog near you: our wonderful Thanksgiving.

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