Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grave's Mountain Lodge

For the second year in a row, our Bible study home group went on a Sunday outing to Grave's Mountain Lodge for a delicious buffet feast and a fun autumn afternoon. 

After stuffing ourselves we headed outside for pictures and relaxation.  The group:

Barbara and John Finity

David and Carol Trujillo

Jayce and Nicole Nichols

Barb, Dan, and Mom T

Carol shows how buff she is ....

Barb and Carol go crawdad hunting with some of the kids....

The lodge bids us farewell ...

... until perhaps we can return again for another fun afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - The pictures are so good. Brought back so many happy memories. Thanks for sending them on. Times like this that I wish I had a printer. But then I would probubly fowl it up. Soooo good to see everones pictures. Love Mom T