Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exploring SW Virginia - Floyd

You may have noticed this year that we have taken a number of weekend trips.  Now that we have seen EVERYTHING  there is to be seen in DC and Northern Virginia, this approach has allowed us to explore a little farther away.  Philadelphia, Baltimore were explored earlier in the year.  Last weekend (Labor Day) we chose to head to the southwest part of the state, into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain area, to check out several notable places in that area.

We started out Friday night in Floyd, Virginia.    Floyd is a town of about 480 people a good 260 miles southwest from our house in Centreville.  Why Floyd, you ask?  Good question.  While investigating things to do on our trip, we learned about "The Crooked Road - Virginia's Heritage Music Trail".  It is a string of towns in which there is a rich history of bluegrass music.  (For more info click here.)  We really wanted to experience that and read that the Floyd Country Store has live bluegrass music every Friday night.

Five dollars each gained us entry to experience small town bluegrass music in a genuine setting.  Inside was a small stage and seating for about 150 people.  The first hour is Gospel bluegrass.  The rest of the evening is "dancing" bluegrass and as soon as the second band started playing, dozens of townspeople got up and started dancing.

They called it "flat footin' ", which is a form of clogging, but danced with some sort of special shoes that tap and jangle.  It was very entertaining to watch, but we felt too intimidated to get up and try it.

Later in the evening we learned that this was only part of experience.  We went outside to get some air and discovered and a few hundred more people in the streets and parking lots.  All sorts of people brought their instruments and gathered into impromptu groups, maybe a half dozen little clusters, playing and singing their favorite tunes.

This really seemed to be a pure and simple way of life, a social experience for the locals, one that some may laugh at but one we really enjoyed.  It was enjoyable beyond expectation, and we are so glad we went.

That night we stayed at a beautiful, rustic place called the Stonewall Bed & Breakfast.  It was a treat, the hosts were wonderful, and the breakfast was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

The next day we were off to Bedford and Lynchburg.  Until later ... tata!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that does sound SO interesting & "down-home" experience...lots of fun.! I would have liked to have seen that dance!!! This type of America we just don't get to see, do we?

Anonymous said...

Barb and Dan /- The Blue |Grass music place so wonderful and wish it wasn't so far away. The pictures were great. Thanks again for sharing. Love Mom T