Sunday, July 11, 2010

Misc. Presidential Memorials

One weekend in June we decided to explore some of the Presidential memorials we hadn't had a chance to see yet.  In case you didn't know it, not all of them are as big as the Jefferson, Lincoln, or Washington memorials, or in as prominent a location.  Nope, some of them are downright inauspicious or off the beaten path. 

Let's start with LBJ.  The poor guy, seems like he really didn't have a lot of backers for a big, ostentatious memorial.  Nope, he got the Lyndon Baines Memorial Grove ( a stand of pine trees) and a hunk of granite.    Granted, it is a big hunk of granite, from Texas, but it is just a big hunk of rock down near Reagan Airport. 

James Buchanan - quick, what are his top three accomplishments??? James got a good sized statue in a park several miles north of the White House.  Nice, but no where near the capitol mall.  

Teddy Roosevelt, now he gets a huge statue and a big plaza and his own island.  But to get there you have to leave the district into Arlington, cross a footbridge, and hike a few hundred yards in.

We still need to go find Reagan in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building and Wilson in the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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