Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Embassy Row and Melrose Place

Massachusetts Ave NW and the surrounding area is home to dozens of foreign embassies. During the month of May, they hold open houses. Some are grand old mansions, some are built specifically for the purpose of being an embassy, some are much more, shall we say, understated.

On May 1, we decided to to go to the open houses to learn a little more about the embassies. We visited the embassies of Columbia, Indonesia, Bahamas, and Korea.

The Colombian Embassy was a large, beautiful structure. The dining room had built-in cabinetry with hand-carved images of Bible heroes.

Original Colombian music entertain us as we toured the building.

The most beautiful was the Indonesian Embassy!

The outside entry (l), and an Indonesian greeter (r).

The grand stairway and the stained-glass skylight.

The dining room, the fireplace and crest, and (surprisingly) a pipe organ.

That weekend, long time friends Don and Marlys Melrose were in DC for a long weekend visit. They were staying with other friends (John & Karen Nicholas), who much like us, up and moved from Western Washington a couple years ago to live and work in the DC area for a few years. We met up with them on Saturday evening for lobster dinner at Clyde's of Georgetown.

John & Karen Nicholas (l), Don & Marlys Melrose (r)

All together at Union Station for an after-dinner walk.

The open house was fun, but meeting the Nicholas' and seeing Don & Marlys again was the highlight of the weekend!

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Marlys said...

Nice photos! Loooks like you saw some really great Embassy buildings! That was a fun event. It got busy quick but it was fun. We went to the Croatia Embassy, The Republic of South Korea, and the Dominican Republic all very lovely and friendly folks.

It was so nice to see you folks and have a really nice visit on a great day for walking around Washington D C and enjoying a lobster feast (those of us who ate lobster!)