Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

On Easter Sunday, after a beautiful church service, we decided to head into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms & be a part of the festival. This year, for some reason, the cherry blossoms came and went very fast! In fact, where in the past the peak days have been 3-4 days long, this year, the peak was only 1 day!! This was already past the peak, but still beautiful!! The Cherry Blossom Festival itself lasts 2 weeks with a parade, performances, food, & ceremonies.

The lantern lighting ceremony is also a part of the Cherry Blossom festival. The lantern is 356 years old and was presented to Washington by Japan to celebrate the 100th anniv. of the first Treaty of Peace, Amity, & Commerce between the U.S. & Japan. The ceremony was attended by performers & dignitaries & was open to the public.

We regularly see some of DC's finest as they patrol the monuments on their faithful steeds.

Here we are at the Tidal Basin with the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

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