Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Smithsonian

There are 17 museums listed on the main website for the Smithsonian, including the national zoo. ( We have now been to eight of them. Don't know if we will ever hit them all, but there are a couple more we want to see, anyway.

Last weekend we went to the National Portrait Gallery. The National Portrait Gallery is a few blocks north of the National Mall, in what used to be the Patent Office. It is a huge building and once was the site of the Inaugural Ball after Lincoln's second election.

As the name suggests, it is filled with portraits, mostly painting but some photos and a few sculptures. They had exhibits of presidents, early notable American pioneers, Civil War figures, contemporary figures, and much much more. Hundreds and hundreds of them. It was almost too much to take in, especially if you took time to read the description of each one. However, we really enjoyed it.

Now we have culture!

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