Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winter, Spring, or Summer?

Ok, so we haven't yet spent a full year here, and we are still trying to figure out the weather in each season. Last Monday we had 7" of snow. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings it was below 20 degrees when Dan left home for work. Brrrr! Is this typical March weather? Barb took these great pics ....

Our house under snow... who's the snow shoveller with the goofy hat?

This is a shot of the woods behind our house.

On the other hand, today it was 76 degrees here at our house. What a difference a few days make!


CallinaP said...

I love the picture with all the snow on your pretty! But please order up some warm weather for our visit :)

Anonymous said...

We're having trouble figuring out the seasons here, too. More March snow?
Karen V.