Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back in Seattle Again

Hi everyone,

We had the great fortune to be back in Seattle again last week. Dan had to be back at Boeing in Everett and Renton for meetings that week. With this great oportunity, Barb found a really good airfare online and we made the trip together. It was a good week for the most part. During the days while Dan worked (and he had a total of 32 meetings in those five days), Barb kept very busy with doctor appointments (checkups only, nothing serious!), root canals (now that is serious) and a dental appointment for a crown. And in an unexpected development, our cat Punkin, who Nate and Shell had been keeping, became very ill. On Tuesday, Barb took her to the vet and found out how very sick she was. At that point, she made the decision to put Punkin to sleep. She was over 18 years old, a ripe old age for a cat, but it was a sad day for sure. (Gee, root canals, mamagrams, sick pets, how much fun can you have in a week?)

But in the evenings, we were most fortunate to see friends and family. The only downside was that Callie had to be away on business travel herself for several days, and we only saw Matt a little bit because of his work schedule.

One night we got together at Nate and Shell's for dinner, and had a great time except for missing Matt and Callie :-(

Here we are catching up with our very good friends, Bob and Lisa Jones. We hadn't seen them since our trip together to Lake Tahoe last October (click on the photo to enlarge it).

A late night snack at Scotts in Edmonds after the Lions' basketball games .....

And getting together for breakfast Saturday before we headed off to the airport:

We were glad that Bruce and Jo could join us that morning, too. (We had stayed with them a couple of nights but only got this one pic of them.)

We consider that week among one of our greatest adventures so far! And now for the picture of the week, our beautiful and slightly crazy daughter!!

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