Thursday, November 20, 2008

More pics, with less words

In a break from the past few posts, this will be one of few words. Just more sights from our exploration of DC a couple weeks ago. Hope you enjoy.

Here is Union Station, the main rail station in the district. It has some beautiful archtecture:

Here is a beautiful autumn shot of the capitol building:
Chinatown, seems every city has a China district, and so does DC:

but how many cities have a Chinese Starbucks???

And finally, some neat old churches ....

I know there are people out there looking at our blog - post a comment will ya?


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty fancy train station. (Is this a good comment?)
Karen V.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... I've been one of the "silent readers." You guys are getting some awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing your adventures, and keep it up!
Love, Joellen

Anonymous said...

those churches are AMAZING... they are so beautiful. now THAT is beauty. LOVE the pictures! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ps... from kacie. the cool one who forgets to sign her name.

Anonymous said...

ok i know this is really stupid... but i wanted to tell you guys to watch this video it's super funny :-)

i would email it to you but every single time i open up hotmail the screen freezes... not my computer, just my hotmail.

i hope you like it! :-)

Love, kacie

(i remembered this time!)

Anonymous said...

Tara Severson said...

I love the pictures...and the words are good too.

Robin said...

I'm enjoying your blog! Robin Mc